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How can I delete large batches of undesired calendar and contacts from GMS?


If your calendar and contacts are held within the GMS database, you are likely to access this data in one of two ways. Either via GMS Webmail or the GMS Collaboration client.

Despite these applications accessing the same GMS data repository, Outlook references its stored e-mail addresses as a "Contact" and GMS Webmail uses "Address book" terminology. Although these terms can be interchangeable, it might be useful to remember that an Outlook "Contact" maps directly to the GMS Webmail “My Addresses” folder and vice-versa.


Launch your GMS Collaboration client and login to Outlook. Move folder to either the "Contacts" or "Calendar" and switch your current view "By category". Bulk select all the items (Ctrl+A). Once the items are selected, release the keys and then SHIFT + DELETE.

The purpose of "shifting" prior to deleting the items is significant. Failure to do so will mean that these items will be copied to your Trash/Deleted Items folder by way of IMAP APPEND command. This wouldn’t normally present an issue but large batches can cause a timeout issue between the client and the server and therefore the operation will fail.

If you have previously purchased GMS Webmail, you can empty an entire address book folder by switching from "Mail" view to "Address Book" view by selecting the appropriate Outlook-style blue button positioned at the bottom left hand corner of the WebMail application. Now select the "Address Book" node top left hand pane which will load a new window allowing you to select any address book on your system and empty it.

Please note: The ability to empty folders in GMS Webmail is not available to calendaring, only address book contacts and e-mail folders.

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