How can I bypass Anti Spam content filtering for an external sender?

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Gordano are scheduled to release Version 14 of GMS at the end of Q1 2007. Due to public demand this release will contain true Anti Spam white-listing capability. In the mean-time this is the proposed workaround but to benefit from the following, you will need to have GMS Webmail.

This pre version 14 workaround is not practical on a domain/system wide level and is designed for use with no more than a handful of accounts. Perhaps the CEO of your company is having e-mails from a particular domain blocked by Zero hour/content filtering and wishes to bypass the sending address from these checks.

Be sure to thoroughly read the text below before considering implementing any of the changes on your system.


Navigate to the admin interface to Administration > Mail > Incoming > Redirect >Add

MAIL Clause
Remote IP Address *
RCPT Clause
Local IP Address *
Action Redirect to

This rule dictates that any e-mail addressed FROM "" AND is addressed TO "" will be redirected to the postmaster account. This may sound strange as the postmaster account is not the CEO’s account but this is a special account meaning that it specifically designed to bypass Anti Spam checks. By redirecting the incoming message to the postmaster, it can be accepted by the server and not rejected as spam no matter what content the message contains. Ultimately, this message will be forwarded back to the original recipient ( without he/she being any the wiser.

There are only a few things that need to be checked or modified at the server level:

1) Navigate to Administration >Mail > Users > Yourdomain. Select the CEO’s account. Create a new alias entirely of your choice.
2) Navigate to Administration >Mail > Outgoing > Miscellaneous to determine whether "Use real IP address" is enabled.
3) Now from “Anti Spam > Content > Domain Words > Edit Bypass”, you’ll need to enter an IP address based on the following…

If "Use real IP address", was enabled, enter the static IP address of the CEO’s machine. If the IP is obtained via DHCP, you will most likely need to enter your full local IP range using syntax similar to 192.168.1.*

If "Use real IP address" was disabled, you should first enter "" to this bypass list.
In addition to this enter the IP of the CEO’s machine or the local IP range based on the whether this is obtained through DHCP as explained above.

Finally, the administrator will now need to configure a WebMail filter for the postmaster account.
The filter criteria might be something like FROM CONTAINS
The filter action should be “Redirect to”. The e-mail address you specify here MUST be the alias of the CEO’s that you created earlier, NOT the actual account ""

That’s it.
Now double check your configuration and remember to activate the filter by clicking "Active", then updating the page.

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