How can I backup GMS Mail's email server?

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Is there any way to make a secondary site that would be recognized if the primary goes down?


There are several options, depending on the level of backup you require.

  • Adding an extra MX record for the new machine will redirect the email to another mail server when the first one fails. On this secondary machine you could run GMS Mail MX Backup which is specially designed for this purpose. When your primary machine goes down, all email will be stored on the backup. Now you need to get your primary machine up and working again.
  • Install another machine in reserve to replace the down server. Keep a copy of the recovery file (setup.txt) available and backup all the mailboxes. When the primary machine goes down, simply use the recovery file to replicate the setup, restore the mailboxes, change the IP addresses and start the services.
  • Gordano have a carrier class messaging server available which can give you various levels of availability up to 99.999% availability by using a number of different machines (running Windows 2000 or Unix). If you wish to know more about this, please contact

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