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How are signature files updated?


In the GUI under Anti-Virus > Signature Updates you define a special non-existent address to receive updates as well as enabling or disabling the automatic updates. Note: This address must not exist elsewhere on your server.

Once enabled, the server will automatically send a message to the main virus updates server with a return address of the special non-existent address. When the signature is confirmed and the subscription checked to be valid and active, the main virus signature updates server will send a series of files to your server. These files may be just new signature definitions or the signatures and a new scanning engine. Either way, the server receives these files and the special address handles the stopping of the engine (during which time any incoming mail would be queued however this lasts less than half a second on average), the replacement of the files and the restart of the virus scanning engine.

No human intervention is required at any time. We recommend that a 12h interval be used for automatic signature updates to check the server twice a day however you can elect for a longer or shorter update check interval depending on your personal preferences.

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