GPRS is short for General Packet Radio Service.

GPRS is a new mobile network technology that increases the speed and therefore available services through a mobile phone. GPRS is linked to the new 3G mobile phones however the mobile carrier used needs to support GPRS in order for this enhanced technology to be accessed. This new technology allows mobile phones to be used for sending and receiving data over an Internet Protocol (IP)-based network. GPRS therefore technically is a data bearer that enables wireless access to data networks like the Internet. The applications using GPRS are WAP, SMS, Java and the PC dial-up (for example, Internet and e-mail). GPRS will fully enable the Internet applications you are used to on your desktop from web browsing to chat over the mobile network. Other new applications for GPRS include file transfer and home automation- the ability to remotely access and control in-house appliances and machines.

This therefore enables access to such interfaces as GMS Webmail and the administrative interface for GMS products in general.

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