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Does GMS Mail support LDAP?


Does GMS support the use of LDAP for user authentication?


There is an LDAP authentication DLL provided as part of the Accessory Pack downloadable from http://www.gordano.com

This DLL has been tested in conjunction with the LDAP server provided with Netscape Directory Server v4.1. The actual server dll is nsldap32v30.dll. This DLL should be installed in the NT System32 directory.

The LDAP Authentication DLL ldapauth.dll is loaded by GMS. Copy it to the gordanobin directory and then from the System>DLLs page set the entry for "Authentication DLL" to ldapauth.dll

You must then proceed to configure the LDAP Authentication DLL before use. The utility LDAPAuthConfig.exe also included in the Accessory Pack can be used to do this, it too should be copied to the gordanobin directory prior to use.

Note: From version 7, the LDAP authentication is integrated into the main product so you no longer need to obtain it from the Accessory Pack.

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