Does GMS Anti-Virus scan all files?

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Gordano’s GMS Anti-Virus takes the encoded file attachments, decodes them and
passes them to the virus checking software. If GMS Anti-Virus finds a virus in the
decoded file, it acts according to your specifications configured through
the GMS Anti-Virus GUI. Otherwise, the attachment is reattached to the mail
message and it is passed to the recipient in the normal way. If a virus is
found in the attachment it may also be removed.

If the file fails the check and a possible virus is found, the message can
be returned to the sender, rejected, quarantined, redirected to another
mailbox for dealing with later or allowed to pass through the system in the
normal way. In addition, you can generate an alert message for sending to
the Postmaster, the recipient and/or the sender of the message. If you
return the message to the sender you can append a message warning them that
there may be a virus in the message attachment. GMS Anti-Virus will also allow you
to disinfect a virus before it is sent on.

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