Does GMS allow me to mail all of my customers?

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The GMS contains two components that help you to send messages to all
your customers and include features designed to help prevent you being
accused of spamming them.

GMS Communication Server allows you to personalise email messages be using the contents of
your existing (or new) customer database (which could be stored in SQL
Server, Oracle, etc.). For example, you may include a specific URL for a
customer to select if they want to respond to a special offer. GMS Communication Server is
optimised to process delivery and return emails from large mailouts (e.g.
over 1,000,000 addresses). With over 180 different configurable options,
GMS Communication Server will help to get information to customers in a timely fashion.

To protect you from the acusation of spamming
people, GMS Communication Server also includes a "confirmation" request process.
This is where anyone can ask to become a member of the list (so that they
receive information on the next mailout) but before their request is
accepted, they have to respond to a standard confirmation message. Once
they confirm that they wish to receive email for a second time, they become
a member of the list for the next mailout.

GMS List Server provides standard mailing list capabilities for broadcasting a
message to a number of people.

Both products contain bounce management which automatically processes
returned email messages.

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