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I now have GMS version 19 with Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync; how can I configure this so my users can utilise this functionality?


The use of EAS in GMS is dictated by the use of profiles.
Within each of your user profiles, you can select an option located under Profiles > (profile) > Privileges tab which is labelled May use Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync;. Check this option and then click Update settings.

The only other thing to consider for use of EAS, is the port which users will connect on. This is the same port that is used for GMS Collaboration (8376 or 8377 by default, 8377 being the secure port). You can alter these ports at any time in the GMS administration interface by going to System Administration > Performance > Ports, where you will see the Collaboration port near the bottom. If you make any changes here, please ensure that you click on Update Settings and then restart the GMS services.

Thats it! You should now be able to set up EAS on your mobile device. Guides for setting up an EAS account on your mobile device are available on request.

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