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I am having trouble configuring my dialup schedule to successfully deliver mail for my domain. All mail for my domain is delivered into a single POP mailbox at BT Internet.


BT Internet POP accounts are designed to be single user accounts and as such are not suitable for use with a multi user mail system.

To successfully redistribute mail to multiple users after downloading from a POP account, the original address that the mail was delivered to must be maintained in each email. BT Intenet do not provide any method of maintaining delivery information.

The best course of action is to either request that BT Internet add an appropriate header to each message incoming to the POP account that allows the delivery information to be recorded, or to move to an ISP that does provide this option.

Other than this the only recourse you have is to use the To and CC headers in your dialup actions, but please bear in mind that this will not allow mail that has been delivered by a list server, or BCC’d to your account to be sorted successfully. A default delivery rule may be used to catch these and deliver them to a fixed lcoal account, the mails will then have to be redistributed manually from this account.

Knowledge Base Entry 340 provides further information on recognising header information for delivery of messages held in a single POP mailbox.

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