Can you run GMS Mail on Windows95/98/ME?

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There are two reasons for this: applicability and reliability.

The above operating systems were designed to be single user systems. The systems are designed to handle one application at a time rather than cope with multiple applications.

Operating systems such as Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, Solaris, AIX, etc. are designed to handle many applications at the same time.

In general, systems designed for a single user are less robust than those for multiple users. Messaging is now seen as an important application for the majority of businesses, and therefore demands a suitable platform to run on.

Messaging systems must be available to users at all times – most customers find it not acceptable to have users repeatedly re-logon to a system that is unavailable at random times throughout the day.

Experience has shown that Windows 95, 98 and ME have proven to be too unreliable to run systems that require 24-hour availability.

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