Can users of MS Outlook or other 3rd party clients still benefit from the GMS Confirmation Filter?

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Gordano’s patent pending Confirmation Filter is technically capable of preventing virtually 100% of SPAM from ever arriving at a users mailbox. Its success is due to two things:

  • The vast majority of spammers use specialist, automated software that either does not have a valid reply address or does not have a human at the other end ready to reply to your message.
  • The filter can be configured to "trust" e-mail addresses and therefore know whether to apply the filter to messages from these senders.


Users of third party mail clients such as MS Outlook or Outlook Express are able to benefit from the personal GMS Anti-Spam confirmation filter feature but a couple of conditions have to be met in accordance for this to work.

  • Your Gordano server must have GMS Anti-Spam installed.
  • Your server must have GMS Webmail installed. (GMS Webmail is only required to configure the filter).

If you are using the POP3 protocol to access your messages then you will only be able to access messages directly within your main mailbox (normally InBox). This means that even though the Confirmation Filter will be applied to all incoming mail you will not be able to check your Quarantine folder from the POP3 client for the presence of false positives.

The you are using the IMAP protocol to access yoru messages you will be able to access all of the mail folders in your personal area on the server including the Quarantine Folder. This allows you to quickly and easily check for any false positives, and move any that you find into the correct mail folder on the server. Adding any addresses so affected to your address book mean that they will bypass the filter the next time they send you a message.

The Confirmation filter should first be configured through GMS Webmail, this is the only administration required from the web based client.

Once active, you are then able to use your third party mail client as normal with the knowledge that "behind the scenes", the confirmation filter is quietly working away to keep your mailbox as clean of spam as possible. You can see the effectiveness of the confirmation filter by regularly reviewing the amount of spam that builds up in the Quarantine folder.

Note: The above does not allow for simultaneous access by GMS Webmail and 3rd party mail clients. Only one or the other may access the mailbox at the same time. If you wish to change from MS Outlook to GMS Webmail or vice versa, you MUST first shut down the initial client. This means that you should not leave MS Outlook permanently connected to the server from your office workstation, if you wish to also access your mail from your home PC.

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