Can I use wildcards in my "rejection lists" of FROM & TO addresses?

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I receive large amounts of unwanted mail and I would like to be able to maintain a list of addresses that I do not want to receive mail from in order to reduce the flow of mail into my account without affecting the rest of my mail.

Many of these addresses are from the same domain so I would like to simply ban all messages from particular domains.

How can I achieve this?


GMS Webmail when combined with GMS Anti-Spam comes with an integrated block list facility. When ever you receive mail from an unwanted source you simply click on the small "block" icon in the status bar of the GMS Webmail client while viewing that particular message.

The address of the sender of the message will be automatically added to your personal block list and you will not receive any further messages from them.

If at a later date you decide you want to receive mail from that sender for whatever reason you can simply remove them from the block list and mail will flow once more.

With releases later than 3038 the wildcard "*" can be used to indicate a range of addresses so to ban mail from all senders within a particular domain it is simply a matter of entering "*" into the list.

Please take care when using this facility that you do not also block mail from senders that you do actually want to receive mail from though.

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