Can I use the Out of Office assistant supplied with Outlook XP with GMS Mail?

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Microsoft’s Office Assistant uses Microsoft-specific non-standard protocols to update Exchange’s configuration. In this case, it allows users to create "Out of the Office" messages which are automatically sent to anyone who emails them.

This facility is typically used for vacations, holidays or during meetings.



There are several alternative solutions:

  • Outlook XP provides a similar feature to Out of Office assistant for use with standards compliant mail servers such as GMS. This is called Rules Wizard and as well as sending responses it can also be used to filter incoming mail.
  • The Mail Manager Account. If the administrator configures the mail manager account, any user can send an email message from anywhere in the world to update their current configuration. This means that users are not required to return to their desk in order to change the message or stop it being sent.
  • GMS Webmail allows users to update their holiday/vaction message directly (also called AutoResponder). Users can decide the message contents and how often the reply should be returned. For example, you can elect to have your message sent every seven days. If someone emails you on the first day of your 14 day vacation, they will receive a note telling them that you are away. If the same person emails you 3 days later, they will not get a note. If they email 8 days later, they will get the note again to remind them that you are still unavailable.

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