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Can I use Softalk's WorkgroupShare (WGS) with Outlook 2010?


I would like to use WorkgroupShare to share my Outlook contacts, calendars and e-mail folders with my colleagues.
Is this possible using Outlook 2010?


WorkgroupShare (WGS) is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010 32bit only. Outlook 2010 64 bit support is on the development roadmap so we will update this knowledge base article accordingly once this change has been implemented.

Incidentally, you might find the following article of some interest when deciding which version of Outlook to install

There are, however, still some observations to be aware of when using the Outlook 2010 32bit client:

If you are unsure whether you are running Outlook 2010 32 or 64 bit, click ‘File > Help’ – under ‘About Microsoft Outlook’ you will find your answer.

1. Creating E-mail Accounts

When e-mail accounts are created in Outlook 2010, each e-mail account will have its own PST file. During the creation of an e-mail account, on the right hand side of the ‘Add New Account’ wizard there are two radio buttons for control over where to deliver messages to: ‘New Outlook Data File’ (which is the default) and ‘Existing Outlook Data file’.

After completing the new account wizard, it may be necessary for you to click on the ‘Change Folder’ button on the Account Settings’ dialogue and select the Inbox in the default store before WorkgroupShare will synchronise e-mail from that account.

2. The Share Menu now appears in the Add-Ins toolbar

Office 2010 has done away with the menu bar and has a ribbon bar to be in line with other Office applications. As a consequence of this, the ‘Share’ menu is now on the ‘Add-in’ tab.

3. Outlook ‘To-Do’ List does not display the subject of a task, instead it appears blank

When you select “To do list” view in Outlook, it displays a different view of the data than the standard task list view.
To resolve this, right click on the “Task Subject” column header and select remove this column. Now right click on another column and select “Field Chooser”. Now, drag in the field “Subject” and you should find your To Do list view is populated correctly.

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