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Can I use Softalk Share Server (SSS) with Outlook 2010?


I would like to use Softalk Share Server to share my Outlook contacts, calendars and e-mail folders with my colleagues. Is this possible using Outlook 2010?


Softalk Share Server is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010 32bit only. Outlook 2010 64 bit support is on the development roadmap so we will update this knowledge base article accordingly once this change has been implemented.

Incidentally, you might find the following article of some interest when deciding which version of Outlook to install

There are, however, still some observations to be aware of when using the Outlook 2010 32bit client:

If you are unsure whether you are running Outlook 2010 32 or 64 bit, click ‘File > Help’ – under ‘About Microsoft Outlook’ you will find your answer.

Outlook ‘To-Do’ List does not display the subject of a task, instead it appears blank.

When you select “To do list” view in Outlook, it displays a different view of the data than the standard task list view.
To resolve this, right click on the “Task Subject” column header and select remove this column. Now right click on another column and select “Field Chooser”. Now, drag in the field “Subject” and you should find your To Do list view is populated correctly.

Data Migration

If you have migrated your database from JET to SQL Express or if you have cross-graded from WorkgroupShare to Softalk Share Server, some of the following may likely apply to you:

The send and receive dialogue fails with the error 0x8004010F

Please see THIS article for an resolution.

Having successfully migrated your PIM data (calendar appointments, contacts, notes and tasks) from the previous Outlook PST store but have noticed that your e-mails are not visible. Aslong as you have configured the default delivery address within Outlook as described above, try running the Softalk Share client program for a second time as this should prove successful second time round due to the changes made in the above KB article.

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