Can I use POP with GMS Collaboration in the Version 12?

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The ultimate goal of GMS Collaboration was to synchronize PIM data (personal information management) such as Calendar data, journals, task, notes and contacts but also e-mail. The V12 connector introduces a message store to cater for both PIM and e-mail synchronization.

There will of course be rare exceptions when a user wishes to use POP instead of IMAP in conjunction with GMS Collaboration.


This is NOT the recommended configuration for GMS Collaboration. To use this method you will need to ensure you have two accounts available for each user, one for POP and the other for Collaboration.

To be running POP with the Version 12 connector, you will need to create a new personal folder store (.pst file) that will to co-exist with the GMS Message Store. Ensure the .pst is set as the default delivery store as all e-mail will be held locally not stored centrally on the server alongside your PIM data. To clarify, the "two-tree" nodes will still be visible in Outlook. One node for e-mail, the other for PIM. Both are completely independent of each other.

Please note: A recent review rewarded GMS Collaboration as the "Best Exchange killer". The trial that led to this accolade did not use POP in anyway.

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