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Can I use Notify to retrieve messages on a mobile device?


Notify Corporation
One of the few solutions available for IMAP4 environments today, Notify provides a single enterprise solution supporting virtually all Palm, Pocket PC, and RIM/Blackberry OS devices simultaneously over a variety of wireless networks: GSM/GPRS, CDMA/1XRTT, Mobitex, DataTAC, ReFLEX, and 802.11x. The Notify Enterprise Mobility Solution provides Over-the-Air synchronization of Email and Personal Information such as calendars, contacts, tasks and notes thus freeing users from the requirement of cradling their wireless devices in order to maintain information synchronization.

The Notify Enterprise Mobility Solution provides "PUSH" or "POLL" notification eliminating the need for users to initiate a data session in order to retrieve their personal data. With Notify, all Email information will be stored safely behind an organization’s firewall while all delivery of information to and from the wireless devices is encrypted utilizing either the TDES or AES encryption algorithms. Notify provides maximum flexibility for the IT professional while minimizing complexity, providing multiple internal user groups with a robust solution over multiple devices and/or wireless networks.

More information on using GMS in conjunction with Notify can be obtained from the Gordano Sales Team.


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