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Can I use GMS in conjunction with the Bonded Sender program?


GMS provides very flexible support for DNSBL type services allowing you to use white list services such as Bonded Sender along with more traditional DNSBL services. Setting up Bonded Sender support within GMS is straight forward, simply follow the four steps outlined below.

  1. Log on to GMS and navigate to Administration > Anti-Spam > Connect > DNSBL Check.
  2. Set the DNSBL Check Mode to either "Check on Connect" or "Check on mail clause" depending on where you want the check to take place. "Check on connect" will run the check as soon as a connection is made to the server, "Check on mail clause" will run the check when the remote server sends the SMTP protocol MAIL clause.
  3. Enter the name of the DNSBL Server to use in this case "query.bondedsender.org", set the action to take to "Accept", the IP Response "", do not add a rejection message. Once finished click on the "Add" button.
  4. If you are using multiple DNSBL servers make sure that the Bonded Sender entry is at the top of the list.

More information about the Bonded Sender program can be found at www.bondedsender.com.

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