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Can I use Apple's MobileMe service with GMS?


I would like to use the Apple MobileMe service to transmit my calendars and contacts, is this possible?


Using GMS Collaboration with Outlook, your calendars and tasks are synchronised between your Outlook client and the server.

If you install MobileMe on your desktop PC, you can configure it to synchronise the same contacts and calendars to the MobileMe servers.

This then allows you to access this data from your Apple iPhone, keeping your contacts and calendars up to date wherever you are in the world.

When you change a calendar or contact on your iPhone, this is automatically synchronised back to your Outlook client by MobileMe, and then back to the GMS server.

Please Note: MobileMe currently only functions correctly with GMS Collaboration client and Outlook 2007 – using Outlook 2003 or earlier will result in errors.

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