Can I run a secure website as well as GMS Webmail on the same port?

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I want to run a secure website on one of the IP addresses on my server, and a Secure GMS Webmail interface on another. I need both of these to respond on the default HTTPS port, which is 443. I would like the GMS WWW configuration server to manage both of these interfaces, is this possible?”


Yes. Using the advanced IP flexibility options in GMS, you can configure what ports respond for each service on each IP address. This means that you have completely granular control over the IP addresses, ports and services in your GMS installation.

Firstly, if you require any SSL connections from or to your GMS server, you will need to obtain an SSL enabling key from the sales department. SSL keys are free of charge.

To configure GMS Webmail to respond with an https interface on port 443, you need to set the default secure port for the “WWW WebMail GUI SSL Port” to 443 from the Incoming-> Secure ports section of the interface.

Next, to allow the WWW server to display a website on the https port 443, you also need to set the correct value of 443 for the “WWWSSLPort” from the System Variables section of the interface.

Now, your server is configured to bind both the GMS Webmail secure interface, and the WWW server to the same port. This will likely result in either interface binding first to the port, and will mean that you now need to enable the IP flexibility option so that you can determine which interface will respond on which IP address.

You enable IP flexibility from the Incoming -> Connections section of the interface. Now you need to work through the IP connect file, changing the “Security” option for the WWW WEB entry, or the WWW WEBMAILMML entry on each domain.

If you want the WWW WEB server to respond on https traffic, you need to set the security level to NONE for the WWW WEBMAILMML entry. If alternatively you want the GMS Webmail interface to respond to https traffic, you need to set the Security level to NONE for the WWW WEB entry.

You will need to change this setting for any domain that appears in your IP connect file.

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