Can I join a list to another list within GMS List Server?

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Does GMS List Server prevent setting up one list being subscribed to another? For example, is it possible to have one list send messages to another list?


By default, this is not possible.

GMS List Server sends all messages from "NULL" so that when they are returned by remote mail servers, they can be processed correctly.

In this case, the message arrives at the second list having been sent from NULL. GMS List Server won’t accept messages for posting which are from NULL (to prevent things like autoresponders bouncing email into lists etc), also problems with accidentally creating mail loops where one lists become members of each other.

If you need to post the smae message to mor than one list simultaneously please look at using a superlist. You will find an explanation of what a superlist is in the article referenced below.

There is a potential work around if you really need to join one list to another:

Use a "template" maildrop which alters the "Sender:" as an intermediate step between the two lists. This is the more complex option (and you will need to get out your copy of the Reference Manual)! Using the registry editor you need to create a template maildrop which forwards to the second list. The template file for
this list should look something like:

-Sender: abc@def.ghi


This causes the template filter to change the "FROM" address from NULL to the new address so it can be accepted by the second list.

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