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Can I change the From address for my autoresponder?


I have set up an Auto Response on my email account as I am going to be on holiday for the next 2 weeks. All of these messages appear to have an address of null@mydomain.com in the From field. How do I get them to show as coming from my own address?


By default if you set an autoresponder on your account the autoresponse message will be sent from NULL@yourdomain.dom.

The NULL address is used to prevent the possibility of email loops being generated by other autoresponders or email lists that make use of the From field to determine the address of an email message.

If you want to change the From address used to send your autoresponse messages then you will require administrator rights to configure GMS, if you do not have these rights then you will have to ask your system administrator to change it for you.

Log on to the configuration interface and select the Users icon, select the user you would like to change the autoresponder details for from the list on the left of the screen and click on the "Auto Response" tab.

In the "Header Clauses:" text area at the top of the page type The username that you would like to appear in the From Field in the format

From: "Users Real Name" <user@domain.com>

Now press the Update button and the change will be registered.

All further mail from this autoresponder will appear to come from the user named above.

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