Can GMS Webmail Read mail from an IMAP server?

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I have a separate IMAP service and would like to configure GMS Webmail to read mail from this service.


Yes, GMS Webmail can do this. Each account on GLWebMail has the option to collect mail from other accounts both internally and externally. These other accounts can be accessed using either POP3 or IMAP.

GMS Webmail is a mail server in its own right and is not simply an IMAP client. GMS Webmail will download the email and store it locally in its own copy of the message store. This means that GMS Webmail can provide a very fast and flexible interface for your email.

GMS Mail provides an IMAP service which can provide conectivity to the same message store as GMS Webmail. Using GMS Mail’s IMAP service and GMS Webmail together means that customers will see exactly the same messages displayed and any changes made in one will be seen in the other. For example, creating a new folder from the IMAP client will cause the same folder to appear in GMS Webmail.

If the IMAP service is not provided by a Gordano product (using GMS Mail), or is not on the same server, then any change made directly via IMAP will not necessarily be reflected in GMS Webmail.

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