Can GMS operate on Windows 2003 Server?

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As of this writing, (May 2003) Microsoft Exchange 5.5 and 2000 will not function on Windows 2003 Server!

Can GMS operate successfully on this platform?


Testing indicates that GMS runs under Windows 2003 without any problems.

There are two issues to be aware of however:

  1. When GMS attempts to send external mail, it needs to know its own fully qualified host/domain name. This information is gathered from the server’s TCP/IP settings, specifically the “Primary DNS Suffix” configuration which you need to ensure is correctly set.
  2. GMS configuration includes the use of Java based applets. If you are accessing GMS from the server itself, you will need to ensure that a suitable Java Virtual Machine is installed on the machine. If you access GMS from a remote location, the browser you are using will have to be running the Java VM.

Further information can be found in the Knowledge base entry links below.

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