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Can GMS handle mutiple domains?


GMS is designed to support from 1 domain up to as many as you require. Customers have served thousands of domains on a single server. Four distinct domain types are support as follows

  1. Full domains ? each domain is completely independent of each other and requires its own IP address. Users in different domains can’t tell that they are sharing the same machine.
  2. Virtual domains ? All of the features of a full domain but does not require its own IP address. Virtual domains "borrow" the IP address of a full domain on the system and users mailboxes are stored under the full domain. Most of this is completely transparent to the user – all they need to do is use their full domain name in all transactions.
  3. Robot Domains ? run an executable on receipt of a mail message that is able to act on that message. These do not require an IP address.
  4. POP domains ? specifically designed to collect all of the messages for a particular domain into a single account. Special headers are added to messages to maintain the original delivery information to ease automated sorting after downloading. This type of domain is typically used by service providers. Does not require an IP address.

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