Can GMS Communication Server or GMS List Server be managed remotely?

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"Remote Management" is the ability for the software on a server to be managed from another machine, no matter where that machine is located. This a number of advantages:

  • There is no need to go into a server room or Network Operating Center to manage the system.
  • When on site, problems can be resolved immediately without the need to go back to the server.
  • Multiple pieces of software can be managed from the same work station.
  • Provision of 24 hour support is easier, with engineers often able to resolve issues without leaving home.


All of Gordano’s products can be entirely managed remotely via a standard web browser.

Administrators may be assigned various rights and different
security restrictions may be set. For example:

  • Access to the administration interface can be restricted to a defined set of IP addresses or allowed from any IP address.
  • Different Administrators can be given control over different functions on the server. For example, one administrator can be given responsibility for logs, while another is given responsibility for GMS Anti-Spam. These administrators will be restricted to viewing their own areas of responsibility within the administration interface.
  • The role of moderators can be restricted to controlling certain lists, and separate moderators can be appointed for different functions, i.e. one controls the moderated joins, another the moderated posts and so on.

Any worries about the security of remote administration can be overcome by restricting administration access to the SSL (TLS) protocol only.

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