Can GMS be managed remotely?

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The ability to remotely manage a server provides a number of advantages over those servers for which you must be physically present to manage. All configuration of GMS is done through a web browser. This means that GMS can be managed from anywhere that you have access to a web browser and a TCP/IP connection.

  • You don’t need to go into the server room or Network Operating Center to manage your system. Especially important for ASPs.
  • When supporting people, you can visit them at their desk to check the problem then log on and resolve it there and then, without having to go back to the server.
  • You can manage multiple servers from the same work station.
  • 24 hour support can be provided even from home.
  • You can assign a number of people, perhaps even located in different time zones to give round the clock coverage, to manage the server.

A high level of control can be maintained over what rights different administrators are given.

  • Access to the administration interface can be restricted to a defined set of IP addresses or allowed from any IP address.
  • Administrators can be restricted to controlling certain domains.
  • Separate administrators can be appointed for different functions, i.e. one controls the logging functions, another the anti-spam functions and so on.

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