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Groups are a collection of email accounts within a domain on your mail server. Each group can contain any number of accounts. For more information about groups, please see Knowledge Base entry 362.


There are several levels of protection for email sent to groups:

  • Internal EMail Only. Only those people who are local may email a group. The check is done by checking the “MAIL” clause and checking the Local IP Address settings.
  • Administrator Defined. The administrator may choose three options: No-one mail email the group, Anyone mail email the group, only those with a specific password may email the group. If the password option is selected, any email sent to the group must have the line “password XXX” as the first line of the email message. This line will be removed when the message is forwarded to all group members.

These levels of protection apply to user defined groups as well as the standard groups “everyone” and “allusers”.

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