Are GMS Webmail and MS Outlook interchangable as mail clients?

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Yes. Providing you are using MS Outlook in IMAP mode the views you will see of your mailboxes will be identical in both GMS Webmail and MS Outlook.

This means that you may choose to use MS Outlook as your mail email client while in the office, but if you need to access your mail remotely, perhaps from home or an hotel, you will see a familiar interface which allows complete access to everything you would expect while in the office.

If you create a new folder from Outlook, logoff, then log back in via GMS WebMail, you will see the new folder. The reverse is also true.

Customers that have purchased GMS Webmail will also benefit from the "Express" low-bandwidth version, perfect if "Internet access" is only available over a slow dialup connection.

GMS Collaboration extends this integration to allow views of Address books, Calendars and Schedules to appear identically in both clients.

Note: The above does not allow for simultaneous access by both clients. Only one or the other may be accessing the mailbox at the same time. If you wish to change from MS Outlook to GMS Webmail or vice versa, you MUST first shut down the initial client. This means that you should not leave MS Outlook permanently connected to the server from your office workstation, and then also try and access from your home PC.

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