Are all the services provided by GMS integrated?

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Each of the services provided by GMS are tightly integrated with each other. For instance, a user can use IMAP based email while in the office yet while out on the road that same user can use GMS Webmail and see the identical mailbox structure and contents they would see with IMAP.

A Calendar entry can send an SMS message or Instant Message to warn a user of an important appointment, and so on.

Microsoft Outlook users see identical views of their calendars whether using Outlook as a local client or WebMail to remotely access their account.

Presence information from GMS Instant Messenger can be shown while viewing emails from users within GMS Webmail, and also included in emails to external users. When these users view the email in an HTML aware mail client the status indicator is immeditely updated with the users presence information.

The anti virus dll is tightly integrated into the SMTP and Webmail services providing high throughput, multi threaded virus scanning, with no perceptible effect on performance.

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