GMS Cloud for Business



  • Per user, per month. Pay monthly, or buy a full year and get a discount!
  • Monthly subscriptions are easy to maintain and are renewed automatically on a monthly basis. You can manage your subscription and payment options within the GMS Customer Dashboard.
  • For this you'll have access to core email features, cloud storage, full malware protection and unlimited support. Office tools are also available at an additional cost.

Who you are matters

You're a small business facing everyday challenges. You want to be competitive. You want to be economical. You want to improve. You want to achieve more effective business goals.

GMS Cloud can help you. But how can it help you?

It's a competitive advantage

Instead of having to deal with constantly depreciating software, GMS Cloud is always up to date, giving you everything you need to stay on top.

It's flexible, scalable and innovative

Become part of the future of business computing by having access to enterprise technology at an affordable level.

It will save you money

Why spend time and expense managing your own infrastructure when you can shift your overheads and operational costs to us?