A GMS Compendium

What is GMS?

GMS Cloud, GMS On Premise, GMS Lite. Office tools, video conferencing, data storage, project management. The GMS of today is no longer just email – it’s email improved; email enhanced; email refined. It’s a choice of business productivity solutions. It’s a host of partnership opportunities. It’s a cost-effective alternative to inadequate servers, unreliable support and giant companies with little time for their customers. It’s everything your organisation could need to grow and cultivate your business.

From Humble Beginnings

Founded in 1994, when Email was but a fledgling concept, GMS (then called Internet Shopper) wanted a mail server that worked and, as it turned out, other companies did as well. They called it NT Mail.

Soon enough, that software became renowned for its remarkable stability, performance, efficiency and scalability. And so, this small business nestled in Somerset’s Gordano Valley, became the first organisation to provide software exclusively over the Internet.

Over twenty years later, that company is still here; still in Somerset, and still continuing to provide a robust and stable messaging product that has adapted and grown with the times into a host of varying business productivity solutions.

GMS Cloud

GMS Cloud is the flagship of GMS offerings. A bundle of office applications designed to enhance the way in which you communicate and connect with the world. Create, share and collaborate. With family, with friends, with colleagues. For business and at home.

GMS Webspace

GMS Webspace is a modern, cloud webmail client providing access to all core email features and individual Cloud applications. With a fresh, flat UI, Webspace is optimised for ease of use and ease of access, giving you a stage on which to manage your inbox and build your Cloud content.

GMS Drive

GMS Drive is a cloud storage repository capable of supporting up to 30GB of data, including photos, videos, documents, PDFs and more. From Drive you can access your important documents wherever you are. Sharing has never been easier.

GMS Office

GMS Office is a fully featured office suite delivering a secure, professional and collaborative solution to creating, editing and managing your documents. GMS Office supports dozens of different file types, allowing you to create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, either from your desktop or in-browser

GMS Project*

GMS Project is project management made easy. Integrated into GMS Webspace, GMS Project will give you all the tools you need to plan projects, manage your time, allocate resources and optimise your business. GMS Project is about getting more done, together.

*GMS Project is a work in progress. It will be available soon to GMS Cloud as a supplemental application to GMS Cloud’s standard package.

GMS Meet*

GMS Meet allows you to host and join multi-party video conferences directly from your browser, working as a strong alternative to Skype for Business.

*GMS Meet is a work in progress. It will be available soon as as supplemental application to GMS Cloud’s standard package.


Coming in four distinct flavours and a variety of subscription types, customers can craft a GMS Cloud install that’s most suited to them and their business. From the standard GMS Cloud package including business email, storage, support and calendars, to comprehensive solutions that offer office tools, video conferencing, and project management software, GMS Cloud can be tailor-made for you.

With GMS Cloud the idea is simple. It’s the ideal alternative solution to Office 365, made with small businesses and dedicated consumers in mind.

Pricing for GMS Cloud’s Business edition is available here. Pricing for GMS Cloud’s Home edition can be found here.

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GMS On Premise

GMS On Premise is everything you could need, managed and maintained by you, right out of the box. Not just the features, but the help you need too, however and whenever you need it.

GMS On Premise Features:

  • Business-grade email accessible with GMS Webspace, or via a number of different clients, including Outlook and Thunderbird.
  • The ability to share and manage events, schedules, contacts and tasks.
  • CalDav and CardDav support, allowing synchronisation across multiple clients and devices.
  • Cloud storage with GMS Drive.
  • Office tools, available in-browser or on your desktop.
  • Malware protection and scalable support.
  • Inclusive software updates and maintenance upgrades.

GMS On Premise is the best option for businesses who aren’t quite ready to step into the Cloud. With On Premise you get everything you need, managed and maintained by you, but supported by GMS.

Pricing for GMS On Premise is available here.

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GMS Lite

GMS Lite may not have the bells and whistles of GMS Cloud or GMS On Premise, but it does come with all the power of GMS’ email solution. A mail only product, GMS Lite is made specifically for smaller SMBs of up to 25 users who don’t mind managing their own email.

GMS Lite Features:

  • A powerful, reliable email solution that’s easy on business resources and overheads.
  • Business-grade email accessible with GMS Webspace, or via a number of different clients, including Outlook and Thunderbird.
  • Complete control over your email.

GMS Lite is GMS in its essential state. If competent, easy-to-use email is what you’re after, look no further than GMS Lite.

Pricing for GMS Lite is available here.

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Other Products, Features & Extras


With over three decades of cumulative experience, GMS’ Support engineers know their products inside and out. Customers can rest assured that they’ll always be talking to real people, in real time, with real solutions to their problems.

GMS Cloud and GMS On Premise come with inclusive 8×5 telephone and email support as standard, with 13×5 and 24×7 Support options also available at additional cost. GMS Lite does not include Support as standard, though it can be added at additional cost.

Malware Protection

GMS Cloud and GMS On Premise also come with Zero Hour malware protection, powered by Cyren, one of the world’s leading provider’s in web-based security. With GMS, business operatives are protected whether they’re on their desktop computer, laptop, or their mobile device.

GMS Lite does not include malware protection as standard, though it can be added at additional cost.

Exchange ActiveSync

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, compatible with GMS, allows you to sync your calendars, contacts and more to your smartphone and tablet. ActiveSync is available for £6 per user, per month in addition to your GMS subscription cost.

GMS Archiver

Tightly integrated with the core GMS console, GMS Archive & Recovery provides on/off-site archiving for all incoming/outgoing email traffic for the GMS mail server.

Outlook Optimisation

GMS integrates with Outlook via the GMS Collaboration plugin, which allows users to share email data, such as folders, contacts, calendars and tasks in a freeform way with other Outlook users.


DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail allows GMS to take responsibility for incoming and outgoing emails, evaluating and checking them at every stage of transit to validate whether any given message could be spam, or something more malicious.


  • GMS Announcements notify you from your mailbox when we’ve got something important to tell you.
  • Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account, even in the event that your password is compromised.
  • Timezone configuration registers timezone changes between emails coming in to your inbox and emails going out.
  • Comprehensive admin reporting allows system admin users the opportunity to access, analyse and evaluate individual features for users of a particular domain or profile.

Reseller Partnerships

GMS have a long-standing reputation for building strong, stable and conducive professional partnerships with OEMs, cloud marketplace suppliers and technology giants alike. But they also offer highly attractive opportunities for resellers, as part of an evolving engagement with the changing messaging marketplace.

As a reseller of GMS’ on premise solutions, you will benefit from:

  • Competitive initial discounts with an incremental discount structure moving forward.
  • Free GMS solutions.
  • Dedicated cloud management services.
  • Named account manager.
  • Free support.

If you’re interested in becoming a GMS reseller, then get in touch with us today.

GMS: In A Nutshell

GMS has come a long way since the early days of email. With more experience, more know-how, a greater product range and a better understanding of what you need, GMS is committed more than ever to providing services and solutions that will optimise your business.

You want to stay connected? You want to share your ideas? You want to be creative? You want to see your business flourish? GMS can help you. And it’s only a click away.

Learn more about GMS by checking out our website, emailing us at admin@gordano.com, or calling us on +44 (0)844 809 4822.

We can’t wait to hear from you.